8 Key attitudes to help aid Long-Covid recovery

Long Covid Hypnotherapy Recovery Techniques
By Kate Mitchell Dip. CBH
Recovering from a long term illness is not easy and can feel overwhelming. This is made even harder
because Covid 19 is such a new disease. There are many different projects underway to help patients
suffering from Long Covid and many more are in development. Your GP will be able to help. My role
is to help you to manage the emotional fallout of having suffered from such a serious illness.
To do this I have been reading medical reports in the British Medical Journal and other ongoing
scientific studies, as well as drawing on tried and trusted research for those recovering from long term
I’ve put together eight top tips and will be covering them in a series of blogs linked to the
fabulous Eden Sports Clinic team.
1) Accept this is a long term recovery.
2) Forgive yourself and your body.
3) Protect yourself from feeling guilty.
4) Set small goals.
5) Celebrate each step towards health.
6) Guard against fatigue ?low battery warning.
7) Don? fall for tragedy surfing and beware of random advice.
8) Project fun ?finding laughter again.
Let me be clear, accepting that Long Covid may take months to recover from instead of a few days
or weeks, does not mean giving up on recovery, nor does it mean that you will definitely be ill for a
long time.
What I am referring to here is that many Long Covid suffers can find it difficult to accept that
they are still ill after their illness. This can cause an exhausting battle with yourself, looking for
reasons and apportioning blame rather than focusing on accepting and focusing on recovery.
The mental battle ?looking for blame.
There is an expectation that Covid is ust flu? and patients often report underlying beliefs
which, whilst natural, are in the end not helpful. For example, the belief that ?y body is strong and I
heal quickly? can lead sufferers to fight a daily battle with themselves over why this isn? happening
with this particular disease.
Other thoughts include the thoughts ? SHOULD be better? and ? MUST do more? or even ? am not
doing enough to get better? which in turn add to self blame and depression, which I will cover in
more detail in my next blog. These thoughts can rattle around and around in your mind until you
almost end up either blaming yourself or others for your slow recovery.
Accepting your illness.
These are the basic facts which might help you to begin accepting your current status.
Fact Covid is a highly infectious disease which you caught in common with over 11 million other
people world wide.
Fact Long Covid is a result of your body being damaged by the illness, and by the effort your body
went to to overcome the acute stage.
Fact Long Covid is not ?ll in your head??it has many physical symptoms and is accepted as an unfortunate consequence of the virus.
Fact ?Long Covid does improve with time. Most patients show a return to wellness within 6 months, and even in the worst cases there are small improvements over time.
You are not to blame for still feeling rotten. This can be a long recovery, but there WILL BE recovery.
So begin by accepting this may be a longer recovery than you hoped, and your recovery will gradually begin to
feel a lot easier.
To be continued…
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