What is Osteopathy?

By Ernesto DE La Cruz Valdes, in-house Osteopath Osteopathy is a diagnostic and therapy approach for a wide variety of medical disorders. It focuses on the structure and function of the body and is founded on the premise that a person’s health is dependent on the bones, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues working in harmony. […]

Meet the therapist – Osteopathy

Joining Eden Sports Clinic is Ernesto DE La Cruz Valdes who is our in-house Osteopath. Ernesto specialises in musculoskeletal pain and alignment.  He has a keen understanding on how pain presents itself in the body and how it impacts our muscles, bones, and joints. Treating the body as a whole he can get the best […]

Meet the therapist – Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Clare Goodwin: Clinical Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner Clare is our in-house Clinical Pilates and Yamuna Body (YBR) rolling practitioner. She has a raft of experience having started out as a dancer, then taking that knowledge and skill into teaching Pilates and now YBR. Using Pilates or YBR, Clare is able to identify and […]

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill Aimed at Injury Recovery

The treadmill technology that is helping athletes train better and avoid injuries. Discover the amazing technology that takes athletes even further in the “The Tech Race”: Available at Eden Sports Clinic.  Visit www.edensportsclinic.com or call 01732 666050 to find out more. Original video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE_xYVeL4lk

Cycling: Shoe Fit

Improper shoe fit amongst cyclists and triathletes is a common problem and can affect their foot comfort, bikefit and power output. Foot discomfort includes symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning and shooting sensations and whilst they might seem common they are not a normal part of cycling. When fitting shoes for the bike there are three […]

Pre-Competition Nutrition and Fuelling Strategies

High amounts of carbohydrate right before a competition is, different to what most of us think, not necessarily the best strategy. In this article we give you an insight into different options for planning the right pre-race/match fuelling… Historically, the pre-race/match meal has been shrouded in importance. Shunted on to a pedestal, to ensure that […]

Ankle sprain: What do we need to know?

By Roberto Fernandez Sanchez, Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead.  Today, we are going to review one of the most common injuries in sport – Sprained Ankle.  When we trip or step on something unstable, our ankle gives way and we feel an acute pain, sometimes followed by a clunk or a crack.  Then comes the swelling […]

Managing PMS

By Paul Parker BSc(Hons) MSc If you’re a female athlete, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may well be something that has scuppered your performance in the past. Whether it has inhibited your preparation when it matters most, or carried the blame for succeeding sub-optimal showing, either way, an alarming percentage of female athletes claim to have been […]

The Plyometric Story

Plyometric training

By Paul Parker BSc(Hons) MSc You may well have heard the term “plyometric” training banded around the gym, or the changing rooms every now and then. You may have even seen it referenced on social media, or hashtagged after a video of someone’s box jumps, but what exactly constitutes plyometric training? Should you be incorporating […]