Meet the therapist – Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates at Eden Sports Clinic

Clare Goodwin: Clinical Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner

Clare is our in-house Clinical Pilates and Yamuna Body (YBR) rolling practitioner. She has a raft of experience having started out as a dancer, then taking that knowledge and skill into teaching Pilates and now YBR.

Using Pilates or YBR, Clare is able to identify and help you solve/manage your pain and or injury.  Think of it more like injury resolution.  Physiotherapy or sports massage can alleviate or improve your condition – Pilates and or YBR can give you the power to manage the condition long term.  The two work great hand in hand.

When asked what her clinical interests are, Clare is keen to explain that she doesn’t have a specific area of interest.  She enjoys the process of finding our why your body is presenting the pain that it is and then working with you to solve it.  For example, the pain may be presenting in the hip area, but the correction or help is required in the foot.  Think of her as a pain detective.

Her personal interests include jumping out of planes, being in nature and of course – Pilates! 

Clare is REPs/CIMSPA registered and is able to support you on any exercise journey, be it fitness, elite athletic training or a specific injury.

If you’d like to know more or book a FREE consultation with Clare, contact the clinic on 01732 666050 or email