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Whether you just need some extra motivation, assistance rehabilitating or have a specific goal in mind but you are unsure of how to get there; personal training at Eden Sports Clinic specifically caters to your goals, wants and needs with specialised training programmes designed to assist you towards your goal. 

The gym studio at Eden Sports Clinic offers a professional and private environment where you will often be in the gym space with just your personal trainer, this is great for beginners who find commercial gym environments daunting and for athletes who like to solely focus on their session and personal trainer. 

Why start personal training at Eden Sports Clinic? 

Would you like to improve your form, educate yourself further on exercise and fitness or simply get fast and safe results? Perhaps you would like additional variety in training, structure of regular fitness sessions to adhere to or to overcome plateaus? These alongside the long term benefits of exercise are some of the many reasons as to why clients start their journey in personal training. 

Our expert trainers will work with you to make progress, both in terms of physical appearance as well as in your health and fitness, whether you want to hit that PB or simply learn the basics. Perhaps you are recovering from injury or muscular dysfunction but do not know where to start.

Transformations can be achieved, both physically and mentally, with the guidance and programming from our PTs.

How do I get started?

Initial consultations for personal training can last up to one hour and are completely free. Consultations can be booked on the bookings page of our website.

Consultations consist of a sit down conversation with your trainer, this allows the trainer to listen to you, get an understanding of your goals and requirements and begin to formulate the best plan moving forward for you. All clients have different specific needs therefore the consultation is a crucial part of the beginning of your journey.

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Our sports therapists offer advice and are more than happy to discuss the most suitable treatments for a specific problem or issue.

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