Scar Tissue Therapy

ScarWork, developed by Sharon Wheeler, is a specialised manual treatment to help patients with scar tissue, fibrosis, adhesions and changes in tissue health following surgery and radiotherapy. 
The photos show that the improvement to the scar and underlying adhesions may be visible, but primarily ScarWork concentrates on the underlying layers of the scar, helping to mobilise and soften thicker tissue in scars caused by surgeries or accidents. Not all clients will have a visual change, but usually the scar will feel softer, smoother and looser after treatment.
ScarWork treatment is rarely painful and we will work within your comfort levels, both physically and emotionally. Clients often notice changes to their scar and surrounding area incrementally each session. The number of treatments required will depend upon your scar, but most clients find 4-8 treatments is enough to see the improvements they were looking for. Treatments will be given 1-4 weeks apart, depending on the age and presentation of your scar and understanding what changes you hope to achieve.
We can still treat your scar even if it is decades old… your body is constantly renewing cells, so even old scar tissue can respond to ScarWork therapy.

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